Various pictures in various locations of a second set of Sherlock and John plushies I made, since my first set now belongs in a better home ;> This time I tried modeling them off of the style I draw them in, which was interesting, I should say :V Sherlock’s made entirely of wire, making him really posable (which makes it easier to take non monotonous photos!)

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I did it again, now in digital ;A;

(со страницы bluebellglowinginthedark)

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Hello, new followers!


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flyingrotten replied: I’m sorry lolol

damn! I can not wait for the new chapter! After all, John was very upset and did not want Sherlock to become a wolf! 
You devilish woman!

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whoa, now Sherlock is a wolf too

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Last cards for my friends and followers 

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my favorite scene from the third season….

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Аноним: you're so awesome, your fanarts are so awesome... can I lick your face?

o yeesssssss ;)


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Important note.


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My dear followers. I really appreciate your attention to my artworks. I love you all very much. And I’m sorry that now my study does not allow me to draw much more.
But as a thank you, I’ll draw anything from the proposed:

1) soft porn John / Khan
2) porn-lok
3) request (?)

please do not be silent! Your opinion is important to me :)

bluebellglowinginthedark say:John/Khan

  mrrrrr i draw it for you 

iwantbenedictcumberbatch say: 1…….. or Kharthur perhaps? :D

 I planned to draw small comics …..

In the future I will definitely offer more options for the pictures!

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